About Freedom to Insure.


Freedom to Insure was created to deal with the increasing demand for competitive life insurance polices in the UK. We’ve grown to offer a range of other protection products including buildings and contents insurance, ASU (accident, sickness and unemployment) insurance and income protection insurance, among other services.

We act as an intermediary between the insurer and yourself when you wish to compare the market and come away with an affordable plan that’s suited to your needs. Where price comparison sites instantly display a misleading ‘lowest price’ for the information you’ve entered, getting an insurance quote from Freedom to Insure will see one of our experts calling you personally with an accurate price to discuss your options.

How do we get these prices? Using the information you’ve given us, our experts manually fill in the insurer’s own onsite application forms. And because we don’t charge a fee to you for this service, we’re able to offer some of the most competitive rates in the market.

With life insurance available from as little as 20p per day, why not fill in our easy-to-use, no-obligation quote form and see how much you could save?

About Our Website.

Our website has also been designed to help answer general questions you may have about the policy you require. Please view our frequently asked questions or if you have a more specific query please email us or call our freephone number on 0800 288 9141.

With access to the whole market we can also help you even if you have medical conditions. By using the providers own online application systems and by not charging a fee to you, we will be offering affordable, quality policy’s at the most competitive rates in the market. Why not visit our testimonials page and see what our customers have to say about our service.

With life insurance from as little as 20 pence per day*, why not see how competitive we can be by filling in our easy to use, no obligation quotation form. Simply click here for more details.

*Mr. John Smith aged 32, is looking for 10 years cover for some family protection. Mr. Smith submits his details on to Freedom to Insure’s website. When his details are sent though a consultant calls him back and confirms these details. Mr Smith informs his consultant Philip that he would like just a small policy in case of the worst happening in the foreseeable future, Philip ascertains that Mr Smith is fit and healthy with no major medical illnesses in his or his family history. Philip then sources the best priced product available on the market and gets Mr Smith cover for the equivalent of 20p* per day.

*Price should not be the only factor in choosing your product. The other features of the product should also be taken into account.