Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance.

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Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Cover

Although we’d all like to think that our jobs provide us with safety and security, the reality is that none of us can really be sure what lies around the corner. In the current financial climate, the possibility of redundancy exists across all sectors. Accidents can happen and illnesses can strike at any time. Accident, sickness and unemployment plans, or ASU policies, exist as a short-term solution to bridge the financial gap in case any scenario occurs that could see you out of work.

ASU plans pay out for a maximum of twelve months or until the insured returns to work. The policy holder is eligible to claim monthly payments after an allotted period of time since the policy holder has been made redundant or signed off work has passed.

All accident, sickness and unemployment plans have a few standard exclusions, which are detailed here. It is important you are aware of these before selecting this particular product, so please consider all of the policy conditions before making a final decision on its suitability.

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