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Income protection insurance is a policy designed to pay out a monthly benefit to you if you are temporarily signed off work due to ill health, an injury or an accident. This type of insurance differs from accident, sickness and unemployment insurance in that it is intended to be temporary, with the policy holder expecting to be able to return to work by the end of the plan. Income protection plans are an excellent way of maintaining cash flow in the event of a temporary loss of earnings, allowing you to maintain your monthly commitments without making significant changes to your lifestyle.

Income protection policies are specifically designed to offer long-term protection and continue to pay out until you return to work, the policy ends, or you pass away. As with life cover, income protection plans run for a predetermined amount of time – either for a specific amount of years or until you reach a certain age. The monthly benefit is chosen by the policy holder – however, each provider has a maximum percentage of gross salary which they will offer as a benefit.

The monthly payments begin after a ‘deferred period’ which is chosen by the policy holder – this is the length of time during which you must have been off work before you are eligible for a claim. If you are in receipt of sick pay, then payments are usually planned to begin once the policy holder’s sick pay entitlement has come to an end.

The total cost of an income protection insurance policy will vary depending on the length of the plan and its deferred period and the age and job of the policy holder, among other factors.

Some providers offer optional extras including hospitalisation cover and limited benefit periods, which limit the length of time the policy holder and claim for but significantly reduce the plan’s premiums.

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