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Many people worry about not having a Will. If you are one of them, it's never been easier to put your mind at rest. At Libertas Will we pride ourselves on our service. Our fully trained staff with years of experience are here to make this process as easy and cost effective as possiable.

Writing a will isn’t as simple as choosing who inherits your estate when you die, and making mistakes when completing your will could be costly, leading to things happening to your belongings that you didn’t intend, or worse, your will being declared invalid. Working with experienced will writing specialists such as Libertas can prevent this from happening.

We dont just stop ar writing your will, we also make sure that your needs are met in years to come with our personal adviser service, so that once your family are catered for today they will also be looked after in the future.

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Getting Started

Over 60% of people in England currently do not have any structure in place to deal with their affairs and possessions once they have passed away. A contributing factor to this is that many people think that a Will is something that can be put off and sorted another day. Anyway why bother as i have already told my nearest and dearest what i want to happen.

This is a common misconception people make, the only way to make sure that what you want to happen to yourself and your property is to make sure you have a Will.

Get you free will offer

The Will Writing Process

Having to get to grips with the legal jargon involved in the will writing process as well as taking the time to divide your estate means will writing is often a confusing, frustrating and exhausting process.

Many are surprised to learn that their will not only deals with their belongings, but must also detail who will be in charge of administering your wishes once you’re gone, who will look after your dependents if you have any, who will manage any trusts that you have, and so on.

Our will writing team can help ensure you’ve provided all of the information required, leading to a will that’s clear, concise and legally binding, enabling the protection of your assets and reducing your inheritance tax liability.

Once your will is complete, we will keep it in a secure storage facility until it is required. Should you wish to change anything in your will, we’re only a phone call away, and we’ll contact you every six months to double-check that everything is still as you wish and inform you of any changes in will and inheritance law that may affect you.

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