10 easy tips on how to save money for Christmas

Everyone knows how expensive Christmas can be. From buying presents, food, and all the extras, the costs soon mount up! We’ve put together 10 easy, helpful money-saving tips to help you save some extra pennies for the festive season:

Make a budget

and stick to it! Plan in advance who you have to buy for, and how much you want to spend on each gift. Do the same for the day itself, factoring in the cost of food, decorations and the all-important Christmas tree. Try not to be tempted by unnecessary extras you don’t need, or lots of new decorations when your ones from last year are just as good!

Hit the January sales.

Come January, lots of Christmas items including decorations, wrapping paper, and cards are heavily discounted. You might even be able to grab some discounted presents for next year! Use this opportunity to stock up so come next year you’ve already saved some money you can put towards something else.

Consider switching up your gift giving.

Instead of buying every family a member a gift, why not set up a secret santa, with a price limit, so everyone only has to buy one present? Or, set a strict budget everyone has to stick to ensure you’re not overspending!

Shop around for gifts.

Often, the cheapest deals are online. But many retailers, both on the high street and on the web, offer thousands of special deals on all sorts of items in the lead up to Christmas. Make sure you shop around to secure the best deal, especially on the more expensive gifts!

Earn some cashback.

There are many cashback websites that offer you a percentage of the sale price back when shopping with some online retailers. Take advantage of these if you’re planning on buying most of your gifts online!

Check delivery dates.

If you’re sending cards or gifts to family and friends, both in the UK and abroad, make sure you check the last posting date for the cheapest shipping option! By sending post off in time, you can save on having to shell out for more expensive first class postage.

Start saving in advance.

Each month, put away a certain amount, so when December comes around, your Christmas is already paid for! Use your budget from the previous year so you know how much you will need for next year. Did you over or under spend? Account for this in your savings plan!

Check out free local events.

There’s guaranteed to be lots of festive events in your local area, for a free or low cost family day out! Take a look at school or town Christmas Fetes, opportunities to meet Santa Claus, or Christmas lights switch ons near you.

Don’t panic buy!

Make a list of everything you need to buy, and make sure you stick to it. This applies to food and presents! To avoid impulse buying in the supermarket, consider ordering your Christmas food online for delivery

Find the best place for your Christmas savings!

You may prefer to keep your savings in cash. But don’t forget to take a look at what instant-access savings accounts you could open, so you can earn some interest on your Christmas cash, and be less tempted to spend it throughout the year too!


Hopefully these tips have been useful for you in the lead up to Christmas! Making a few savings here and there is easy, but can really make a difference when you add it all up. Now you can put the money you’ve saved towards something festive, or save it for the new year. Even better, some of these tips can be put into practice year round, so you can save even more!