Why is Freedom the right choice?

A Great Working Environment

Whether it’s having a game of FIFA in the breakout room, our annual sports day or the Christmas party, you’ll love being part of the Freedom to Insure team. We know the happier our teams are, the better the results. We hope if you have the opportunity to join us, you’ll see that for yourself!

Training, Development & Progression

We believe that investing in people is one of the cornerstones of any successful business. All of our new starters will immediately begin a training program to ensure they have all the skills and tools needed to make a huge success of their Freedom careers. For those who want to progress and develop, there will be lots of opportunities along the way in the form of on-the-job training and promotions.

Benefits & Perks

Not only do we hope you’ll enjoy working with us, but we also think you’ll love the perks and benefits that come with it. All of our roles start with a generous and competitive salary, 28 days annual holiday, generous incentives (gift cards, experience days) and a pension scheme.

Great Products

There is nothing worse than selling something people don’t want. However, over half of the UK adult population have a life insurance policy and many more have other protection products (buildings and contents, income protection, private medical). With some of the biggest insurers in the country on board, and plenty of people wanting a policy, you’ll have no trouble selling our products.

What do our staff have to say about us

We want to make sure our work environment is fun and productive, so we are always keen to hear from our staff. Here are some of their comments on the best part of working at Freedom to Insure.


Yes, if you want there to be! We want you to feel in charge of your career. As part of that, we’ll regularly discuss how you can progress within the business.

We have a development framework in place for all of our staff members in each department. You’ll discuss your goals and targets with your manager as well as how you can achieve them.

Most members of the sales team will work one of two shifts. One starting at 09.30 and finishing at 18.30. The other, starting at 10.30 and finishing at 19.30. Some roles may be flexible, but we’ll be happy to discuss this during the process.

We’ll strive to let all of our applicants know the outcome of their application. If you’re application has been unsuccessful we will keep it on record should future opportunities arise.

If you pass the initial CV screening phase, we’ll arrange for you to come in and see us for an interview. Once your application has been successfully approved, we’ll get in touch to gather some additional information and confirm the start date of your new career with Freedom!

If you have a question, we’d love to answer it! Give us a call on 0203 092 1372 or e-mail enquiries@freedomtoinsure.co.uk. Alternatively, head over to our contact us page.

We ask that you fill in the basic form information (name, contact details) and upload your CV in either PDF or Word format.

Start by taking a look through our careers site and familiarise yourself with who we are and how we work. If you think you’re a good fit for any of our available roles, simply complete and upload the application form online or send a copy of your CV to recruitment@freedomtoinsure.co.uk.

If you are new to the industry or are just starting your career, it is likely your sales experience is limited. We would therefore suggest the call media department if you are looking to start a career in sales. Alternatively, our administration department is a great entry point into the world of finance and customer service.

Experience is always preferred, but it’s absolutely not a necessity. Our business is built to develop individuals of all skill and experience levels. Someone joining from college with no work experience will be as welcome to apply as someone with years of sales experience.

We run a rolling recruitment plan within our sales department, and are constantly looking for the best people to join any department within our business. Periodically we may add, remove or update the jobs listings to ensure they are in line with our recruitment needs.

We would ask you apply for the role you feel is most appropriate. For example, if you have never worked in sales before, the call media team will be suited to you. If you have extensive sales experience, our sales consultant team will likely be most suitable. Once you start the application process, we may discuss the different options with you if we believe your skills are suited to a particular role.

We have seven offices altogether, five of which are in the UK. Our head office is based in Aldershot, Hampshire, followed by UK satellite offices in Bournemouth, London, Leeds, Portsmouth and Southampton.

We also have a sales office in Menorca, Spain, as well as an extensive support team just outside of Durban, South Africa.