Everyday switches to save you money!

Sometimes, it feels impossible to save money when there are so many things to pay for. However, there are many easy, everyday switches you can make to help you save some pennies. Try these ideas to get you started today:


Meal Planning

At the beginning of every week, plan out your meals for the days ahead. Then, when you go food shopping, only buy the food you need for these meals. You will save money by not buying unneeded food, with the added benefit of reducing food waste too!

Cut out coffee

Firstly, consider cutting out daily purchases such as coffee. Or, at least bring your own reusable coffee cup- many shops offer a discount for doing so! Also, it’s better for the environment. Furthermore, if you buy a daily newspaper or magazine, see if a subscription service is available that could save you money.

Switch to Supermarket brands

Don’t automatically reach for the name brand products when doing your food shop. Many supermarket own brands taste just as good, especially basic good such as tinned tomatoes and fruit juice. Most own brands are significantly cheaper, so you can save money without compromising on taste.


This concept can be applied to almost anything! Firstly, you could DIY your own beauty treatments instead of splashing out at the salon. Or, DIY simple tasks around the home, such as painting and decorating. Therefore, you can save some money as well as having the satisfaction of doing the job yourself.

Invest in quality

Everyone has heard the saying, ‘buy cheap and you buy twice.’ Next time you purchase goods such as clothes or furniture, consider investment pieces rather than the cheapest option. While this means a bigger investment to start with, they will usually last longer. As a result, you won’t have to buy as often, saving you money in the long run!

Removed stored card numbers

Such a simple switch as removing your stored debit and credit card details from online shops can help you save money. If you have to input your details every time, you’re more likely to think about the purchase- do you really need it? This should save you money by cutting down on impulsive online buys.


If you implement these easy switches, along with any others you can think of, you will soon be well on your way to saving money. Everything adds up, so even though you’re only saving a little bit every day, you will soon have saved more than you think. Even better, most of these switches are so easy you won’t miss them. You don’t always have to change your lifestyle to make a saving!