Buildings and Contents Insurance

It’s not fun to think about, but your home could be the victim of a burglary, an unexpected fire, burst water pipe or structural damage at any time. Secure your property and everything within it, from simple things such as the television and computer to precious heirlooms and family photos, with buildings and contents insurance.

At Freedom to Insure, we have access to information from the entire buildings and contents insurance market. You can rest assured we’ll find the most competitive policy for you. We’ll always take into account all of your needs. That could be the most basic level of cover or additional extras, such as bicycle or gadget cover.

What is buildings and contents insurance?

Buildings and contents insurance combines a policy to protect against loss and damage to your house and the belongings within. The policy covers:


Covers damage to the foundations and structure of your house, and can include garages, sheds, paths, patios and any other structures. In addition, you could add accidental cover in case of damage to doors, windows, fixtures or fittings.


Policies can include new for old cover providing replacements for your belongings if the originals cannot be repaired or recovered. Additionally:

  • Accidental damage cover protecting goods such as TVs, computers, laptops and furnishings in the event they become damaged;
  • Personal belongings cover protecting your goods when you take them out of the home;
  • Bicycle cover protecting any bicycles you keep at home from theft or damage elsewhere.

Why do I need buildings and contents insurance?

Buildings and contents insurance is designed to ensure that if anything were to go wrong with your home, or the belongings within, you would be able to put it right.

For example, the average claim for a burst water pipe is £25,000. Nobody, however much they have saved, would want to part with that amount of money. With the right policy in place, all of the damage (pipes, ceilings, paining, carpets, electronics) would be repaired or replaced.

With many policies boasting device insurance and other extras, something as small as a mobile phone being lost could be covered.

Building and structural cover.

Fire and water damage.

Accidental damage.

Replacements new for old.

Outbuildings covered.

How much does buildings and contents insurance cost?

Buildings and contents policies can start from as little as £12 a month. The cost varies depending on a range of factors, including where you live, the value of your home and belongings and any additional extras.

Freedom to Insure have an experienced and helpful team of consultants on hand to find the best policy for you. Although many of the factors which determine the cost of cover can’t be changed, your personal consultant can explain on the various options to ensure you have the most appropriate, and affordable, policy.

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