Saving for the Holidays – Winter Guide

Winter is coming! Learn how we are saving for the holidays.

The temperature has started to drop, leaves are changing their colour and falling from trees, and as we watch their slow descent to a soggy pavement, our thoughts weirdly turn to whether we have started saving for the holidays?

Well do not worry because here at Freedom to Insure, we have compiled a small guide to beating the winter struggles!

Changing some small aspects of your day to day life will impact your savings. Here are some of our top tips.

Beating the winter building a snowman
Beating the winter building a snowman

1 – Beat the cold at home and stay warm

You don’t have to turn the heating off completely to save on your heating bill unless you live in a nuclear level insulated bunker!

But by lowering those degrees Celsius (or Fahrenheit for our American friends) a small amount, we can lower our heating bills too.

Put on a cosy woolly jumper or a toasty fleece, sit back and relax with a cuppa. The cold will be the last thing to bother you.

Insulation is also at the forefront of solutions and it quickly pays for itself when you see how much you save on bills. Not just in the winter, but in the long run.

cosy night in with a cup of tea and a blanket

Firstly, make sure your loft is fitted with the right thickness of insulation.

Nowadays, new buildings require 27cm of loft insulation which could save you around £150 on bills yearly.

Another excellent method to save on heating bills is to catch those pesky drafts to keep the heat in and the cold out.

Make sure your home is properly insulated by keeping the heat in when it’s cold outside, but also keeping the heat out when it’s summertime. It really is a win-win.

Lastly, there are many products out there that keep your home warm without having to turn that thermostat up.

These range from thermal insulated blinds and curtains, to small draft excluders for your door. Little things add up, and keeping your house naturally warm helps keep the cost down.

cosy night in with a cup of tea and a blanket

2 – Saving for the holidays? Buy less. Be savvy! 

Man delivering groceries
Man delivering groceries

Budgeting your monthly expenditures is a fantastic way of keeping on top of your money. Make lists that you can stick to.

For example, something small like a meal plan can help you keep track of where your money is going.

Making your food at home and planning quantities when you do a food shop can make sure you get the most out of each meal. Check out our post on saving money by meal planning.

Not only will this save your bank account, but it will also help with your health.

Because when you know what’s going into your meals you can control what you eat much more efficiently.

Keeping costs down for unnecessary items does help your bank account too.

Start small, like spending less on clothing.

Because honestly, do you need that Christmas jumper with the lights and the song that plays when Rudolph’s nose is pressed? Okay, maybe.

Black Friday sale with trolley

Buying less doesn’t mean not buying at all. Sometimes we spend too much on unnecessary things due to marketing.

From Halloween and Christmas branded items to that video game that just came out, think to yourself, is the extra price worth it or is it just the packaging?

Can you wait a bit longer until you can justify the expense?

Spending wisely just means getting value for your money.

So if you enjoy those fancy biscuits with your tea, get them, but maybe cut back on the number of scented sticks you buy weekly, your house already smells great!

Black Friday sale with trolley

The Holiday Spirit


So, let’s talk Christmas! I love Christmas, and I’m always excited when I start seeing lights on the streets and that big red truck with the old white-bearded guy on the back.

It’s nostalgic, fun, and also a major trap for spending more than you need to.


We want to make people happy; the joy comes from seeing other people’s joy, and when gifting presents you want to make sure you got them something that puts a smile on their face.

But the trap comes from the prices of such items nearing the big holiday.

So start early, use the sales, and be active in your search. We hate buying something and then seeing it on sale 4 weeks later, so keep on top of the sales!

Black Friday (27th) and Cyber Monday (30th) are two big occasions when online shops and some local stores have big sales on.

You may just get lucky and find some of those items you were looking to get are on sale.

Also check postage dates! Sending packages early will save you on the first-class stamps and you won’t have to pay extra for next day delivery.

Lastly, shop around. You may find that different stores have great prices on different sections of produce.

Meats might be cheaper in a specific store but then the fruit and veg are dearer than other places.

Finding those prices and dividing your shopping habits to get the best deals could be saving you more than you think.

3 – Plan ahead to next winter

Unfortunately winter is an annual event, and that means having to be prepared for it every year.

The best way to beat it is to be prepared in advance! January sales are great for getting discounted decorations and other seasonal items for a fraction of the price.

You can save them to be used when the holidays come once again, or maybe you see a nice present you could gift at a much more reasonable price.

By following these steps early, you can really make a positive impact on your finances! Also, why not check out our other post on Christmas saving!

Storing for next winter
Storing for next winter

4 – Be active during the cold times

Being active outside

Beating winter isn’t just about saving money or being warm, it’s also about being happy.

Winter is the time of year a lot of people feel the cold hand of loneliness.

Joy is at its best when it’s shared, so look for local events where you can be around like-minded people.

From volunteering to exercise groups, being around others and being active helps you.

It keeps you out of the house for a bit (saving on heating bills), keeps you healthy, and creates a more social environment. Keeping up with this could be difficult, so read our post on how to stick to your exercise routine.

Being active outside

So when you next feel like you need to stretch those legs, swing those arms, or shout out loud, go to a group run, a boxing class, or a karaoke night!

Too cold? Stay in! Invite some friends over and have a film night, pull out the dusty board games from the shelf and give them a go! Trust me, it’s still fun, even as an adult.

Save yourself money and have a good night in, they are just as fun and much cosier on those winter nights.

couple playing Jenga together
couple playing Jenga together

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