What is PMI or Private Medical Insurance?

Private medical insurance is designed to cover some, or all, of the costs of private treatment. This is usually at a private hospital, or clinic, of your choosing. You will pay a monthly premium, instead of having to pay for the cost of the treatment up front. Everyone is entitled to free healthcare on the NHS. However, it can be useful to have private medical insurance in a number of situations. 

The main benefit to taking out private healthcare insurance is reduced waiting times. It is likely that you won’t have to wait for treatment for nearly as long as you would on the NHS. Furthermore, there are often drugs and treatments available privately that you can’t get on the NHS. Also, you will have more choice about where you are treated, and by who. You will still be able to access the NHS, even when you are using private medical services.

Many different private medical insurance policies are available to meet individual needs, including your budget and the level of care you want to be covered. Most insurers will offer you the option of either individual or family insurance. This can be useful if you want the whole family to be covered under one policy. 

Overall, there are many benefits to taking out a private medical insurance policy. However, costs do increase as you get older. So, if you want to take out a policy, it is worth doing so sooner rather than later to get a better price!