Why you should book your summer holiday now

There are many advantages to booking your summer holiday sooner rather than later, for summer 2019 and beyond! Many of the advantages include ways to save you some money, making your holiday experience even better:

As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm! It sounds obvious, but the earlier you book your holiday, the more choice you will have. Get in early before anyone else does! Get your first choice of destinations, hotels, flights, and even added extras such as tours and organised activities.

Another plus to booking early is you will have longer to pay off your holiday. That can be particularly useful if you’re paying in installments. This leads to less financial stress and more time to save money for your final payments and that all important holiday spending money. Many holiday companies also offer low deposit options if you’re booking far in advance, which is another financial perk.

Once the summer flights are released, their prices tend to increase the closer it becomes to the departure date. By booking your flights early, you’re more likely to grab a bargain, leaving you with more money to put towards the more important things: think cocktails and fine dining. Some sites offer price alerts for specific flights, so sign up to these to ensure you’re getting the best prices.

Most holiday companies want you to book your holiday early! Planning ahead makes things easier for them. As a result, lots offer you early bird discounts to encourage you to do so. Some of these discounts can make a real dent in the price of your holiday, making an early holiday booking a wise one.

And finally, booking your holiday far in advance means you have longer to let the excitement build! You’ll have something to look forward to throughout the cold winter months, and when your holiday finally rolls around, you’ll be more than ready.

Book your summer holiday as soon as possible to take advantage of all of these perks, and save yourself some money in the process!